A Commentary on Virgil Eclogues by Wendell Clausen

By Wendell Clausen

Strangely, this is often the 1st full-scale scholarly remark at the Eclogues to seem during this century. those ten brief pastorals are one of the best identified poems in Latin literature. Clausen's observation offers a complete advisor to either the poems and the enormous scholarship surrounding them. There are brief introductions to every poem, in addition to a basic creation to the Eclogues as a complete.

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Dura niues et frigora Rheni me sine sola uides . a, te ne frigora laedant! a, tibi ne teneras glacies secet aspera plantas ! ibo et Chalcidico quae sunt mihi condita uersu carmina pastoris Siculi modulabor auena. certum est in siluis inter spelaea ferarum malle pati tenerisque meos incidere amores arboribus : crescent illae, crescetis, amores. interea mixtis lustrabo Maenala Nymphis aut acris uenabor apros . non m e ulla uetabunt frigora Parthenios canibus circumdare saltus . iam mihi per rupes uideor lucosque sonantis ire, libet Partho torquere Cydonia cornu 25-59 MPR 29 ripis M' 5 5 Nymphis] siluis R 27 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 28 ecquis MP: et quis Rw (ut jere fit) non] nee R 32 nostris P'b 40 iaceret P•Rw: iaceres MP' 59 Cydonia] Rhodonea M' 28 ECLOGUE X spicula-tamquam haec sit nostri medicina furoris, aut deus ille malis hominum mitescere discat.

I t is clear from Appian that Octavian was personally involved in the distribution of the land. L. Keppie, 'Vergil, the Confiscations, and Caesar's Tenth Legion' , CQ, N S 31 ( 1 98 1 ) , 3 67-70, describes the bureaucratic procedure. ' Servius ad Joe . : 'quaeritur cur de Caesare interrogatus Roman describat. et aut simplicitate utitur rustica, ut ordinem narrationis plenum non teneat, sed per longas ambages ad interrogata descendat . . '. Servius offers a similar explanation of 3 . 40. See R.

Mecum una in siluis imitabere Pana canendo (Pan primum calamos cera coniungere pluris instituit, Pan curat ouis ouiumque magistros), nee te paeniteat calamo triuisse labellum : haec eadem ut sciret, quid non faciebat Amyntas ? est mihi disparibus septem compacta cicutis fistula, Damoetas dono mihi quam dedit olim, et dixit moriens: ' te nunc habet ista secundum' ; dixit Damoetas, inuidit stu ltus Amyntas . praeterea duo nee tuta mihi ualle reperti capreoli , sparsis etiam nunc pellibus albo , bina die siccant ouis ubera; quos tibi seruo.

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