A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt

By Robert Bolt

A guy for All Seasons dramatises the clash among King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas extra. It depicts the disagreement among church and kingdom, theology and politics, absolute strength and person freedom. during the play Sir Thomas More's eloquence and persistence, his purity, saintliness and tenacity within the face of ever-growing threats to his ideals and relations, earn him prestige as one among sleek drama's maximum tragic heroes.

The play used to be first staged in 1960 on the Globe Theatre in London and used to be voted New York's top overseas Play in 1962. In 1966 it was once made into an Academy Award-winning movie by way of Fred Zinneman starring Paul Scofield."A guy for All Seasons is a stark play, sparse in its narrative, sinewy in its writing, which confirms Mr Bolt as a real and sturdy playwright, a strength in our awakening theatre." (Daily Mail)

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Alice Drink it. Great men get colds in the head just the same as commoners. More That’s dangerous, levelling talk, Alice. Beware of the Tower. ) I will, I’ll drink it in bed. All move to stairs and ascend, talking. Margaret Would you want to be Chancellor? More No. Margaret That’s what I said. But Norfolk said if Wolsey fell— More (no longer flippant) If Wolsey fell, the splash would swamp a few small boats like ours. There will be no new Chancellors while Wolsey lives. Exit above. The light is dimmed there and a bright spot descends below.

Wolsey Oh, spare me your discretion. He’s been to play in the muck again. More (coldly) Indeed. Wolsey Indeed! Indeed! Are you going to oppose me? (Trumpet again. ) He’s gone in …. ) All right, we’ll plod. The King wants a son; what are you going to do about it? More (dry murmur) I’m very sure the King needs no advice from me on what to do about it. Wolsey (from behind grips his shoulder fiercely) Thomas, we’re alone. I give you my word. There’s no one here. More I didn’t suppose there was, Your Grace.

Wolsey Then the King needs a son; I repeat what are you going to do about it? More (steadily) I pray for it daily. Wolsey (snatches up candle and holds to More’s face. Softly) God’s death, he means it. … That thing out there’s at least fertile, Thomas. More But she’s not his wife. Wolsey No, Catherine’s his wife and she’s as barren as brick. Are you going to pray for a miracle? More There are precedents. Wolsey Yes. All right. Good. Pray. Pray by all means. But in addition to Prayer there is Effort.

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