A Reference Grammar of Pashto by Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

By Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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Tibetan (London Oriental and African Language Library)

This is often the 3rd textual content in a sequence that goals to supply trustworthy and updated descriptions of the grammatical constitution of a number of African and Oriental languages, in a kind obtainable to the non-specialist. A ancient and geographical assessment is out there as an advent to the topic.

Clitics in Greek: A minimalist account of proclisis and enclisis

This monograph investigates the morpho-syntactic and different homes of clitic pronouns in Greek and provides a grammar of proclisis and enclisis in mild of Chomsky’s (1995, 2001a, 2005) Minimalist application. It explores the character of clitics as syntactic topicalizers that are probed by way of structurally better verbal heads to which they movement and into which they comprise morpho-syntactically.

Space in Tense: The interaction of tense, aspect, evidentiality and speech acts in Korean

This monograph explores the annoying, element, temper, and evidentiality of Korean, which has a wealthy verbal inflectional process, and proposes novel remedies in the framework of compositional semantics. one of many significant contributions is the demonstration that Korean has sorts of deictic tense―simple deictic and spatial deictic demanding.

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This may supplant the old images or new images may co-exist along with the old, which might lead to a kind of ‘multiple personality’” (21). Greenson uses psychoanalytic theories of pre-oedipal development to explain how language and DISCOURSE-SEMIOTIC APPROACHES TO BILINGUAL SELFHOOD 23 self-image are linked. Indeed, his analysis of these intriguing materials would benefit from more contemporary understandings of discourse. ” Foster argued that bilinguals may have different versions of self connected to their two languages, where language is a “characterological organizers .

After this general portrait, I describe the specific backgrounds of the twenty-three participants who participated in the study discussed in the rest of the book. These descriptions provide the context for the specific personas that LDs enact in each language. First Generation The Portuguese in France are a transnational community (Glick-Schiller, Basch,. and Szanton-Blanc 1992) for whom language is central in asserting and maintaining various kinds of symbolic capital (Bourdieu 1984, 1991) across two national spaces (Brettell 1982; De Villanova 1988b; Gonçalves 1996; Koven 2004a; Lopes 1998).

13 Language-choice indexes therefore not only one’s subjective sense of self, but also one’s positioning in a larger socioeconomic order. Different ways of (combining ways of) speaking afford speakers different “consciousness” (Gal 1987; Hill 1985; Hill and Hill 1986). Hill (1995a) thus describes how Mexicanos position themselves relative to the different “voices” and moral universes associated with Spanish and Mexicano when they move between languages. Spanish has several potential meanings, as the language of capitalism, authority, and aggression.

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