Abhidhamma in Daily Life by Nina Van Gorkom

By Nina Van Gorkom

Is an exposition of absolute realities intimately. Abhidhamma capacity greater doctrine and the book's function is to motivate the correct software of Buddhism with a purpose to eliminate fallacious view and finally all defilements. Many phrases in Pali the language of early Buddhism are used and are outlined as they're brought. the publication is consequently compatible for newcomers in addition to training Buddhists. it really is special and special and a useful relief to unlocking the deep which means of the complete Buddhist canon and making use of the idea to our day-by-day lives for the good thing about ourselves and others

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The m . at the end of a word is pronounced as “ng”. 42 CHAPTER 4. hi which are sasankh¯ for example, when one, though at first not attached to alcoholic drink, takes pleasure in it after someone else persuades one to drink. ¯ As we have seen, lobha-mula-cittas can be accompanied by pleas¯ ant feeling or by indifferent feeling. hi, accompanied by pleasant feeling, can arise, for example, when we enjoy ourselves while seeing a beautiful colour or hearing an agreeable sound. At such moments we can be attached without wrong view about realities.

The word “kusala” has many meanings; it can mean “of good health”, “faultless”, “skilful”, “productive of happy results”. When we perform d¯ana (generosity), s¯ıla (good moral conduct) and bh¯avan¯a (mental development), the citta is kusala. All different kinds of wholesomeness such as the appreciation of other people’s good deeds, helping others, politeness, paying respect, observing the precepts, studying and teaching Dhamma, samatha (tranquil meditation) and vipassan¯a (development of “insight”, right understanding of realities), are included in d¯ana, s¯ıla or bh¯avan¯a.

Higata-vippayuttam , asa nkh¯ a rikam ekam . ). Accompanied by pleasant feeling, without wrong view, prompted. higata-vippayuttam . , sasankh¯ . ). Accompanied by indifferent feeling, with wrong view, unprompted. higata-sampayuttam , asa nkh¯ a rikam ekam . ). Accompanied by indifferent feeling, with wrong view, prompted. higata-sampayuttam . , sasankh¯ . ). Accompanied by indifferent feeling, without wrong view, unprompted. higata-vippayuttam , asa nkh¯ a rikam ekam . ). Accompanied by indifferent feeling, without wrong view, prompted.

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