All About History Book of Vikings (2nd Edition) by Robert MacLeod

By Robert MacLeod

All approximately background booklet of Vikings second Edition

The legend of the Vikings is person who is shrouded in secret. during this ebook, we discover the reality in regards to the Vikings, from their origins in Scandinavia to their expeditions around the seas. recognized to be ruthless raiders and fearless warring parties, notice how the Vikings improved their empire and conquered new lands.

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This raiding voyage was part of a new era of raiding that was to cause signiicant political problems for England. The second series of Viking raids on Britain was probably partially a result of increasing centralization of power in Scandinavia and partially a result of the exhausting of silver reserves in the Middle East. Arabic silver had been a mainstay of the Scandinavian economy but, as it ran out, so did the eastern trade routes and new sources of wealth had to be found. Combined with the weakness of the English crown, conditions were perfect for a renewed assault following 26 years of relative peace.

To make the Vikings go away, King Aethelred, who is known to us as “the Unready”, paid them 4,500 kilograms (10,000 pounds) of silver. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, this was the irst time that Danegeld – a tax to save a land from ravage – was paid, but it was not to be the last. by James efies the Waves King Canute D To co nvin ce hi s nell. erful, Edwin McCon was not all-po w d he at th co urtiers an h ac seat on the be no wi ng Canute set hi s ves to retreat, k wa e th d co mman not.

These names have a visual or aural quality that relects their attributes – they could gulp down ships careless enough to stray into them, or they coursed dangerously fast, or made a frighteningly loud noise as the water ran through them. Their names indicate their fearsome nature and the danger they Exploration Seven hoa rds of treasure, weapons and armour have been found at Gn ezdovo in western Russia. Illustrated here is a hoa rd containing Arab dirhams made into pen dants. These date from the seco nd half of the tenth centur y and are eviden ce of trade between Kie van Rus and the Islamic world.

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