Annapurna: The First Conquest of an 8000-Metre Peak by Joe Simpson, Maurice Herzog

By Joe Simpson, Maurice Herzog

The mesmerizing account, through the chief of the French excursion, of the 1st conquest of Annapurna - at the moment, and at greater than 8000 metres, the top mountain ever climbed. it's a tale of breathtaking braveness and backbone opposed to appalling odds. In documents of mountain climbing, in stories of human endeavour, there's not anything so unforgettable because the account of the descent through the positive yet frost-bitten males, after the monsoon had damaged, in the course of the flooded valleys of Nepal.

As good as an creation via Joe Simpson, this re-creation contains sixteen pages of photos, which supply a awesome visible list of this mythical day trip.

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SURLY CUSTOMERS (5) CR 1/3 XP 135 each Human warrior 1 (use the statistics for a Chelish Citizens’ Group thug on page 11) hp 10 each VENDALFEK CR 2 XP 600 Male faerie dragon (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 91) hp 22 Vendalfek 34 Treasure: Vendalfek’s hoard is hidden in the rafters and can be found with a successful DC 25 Perception check. It consists of expensive liqueurs and stolen jewelry worth a total of 585 gp. If the dragon joins the rebellion, he hopes to keep this hoard—if the PCs don’t allow this, the dragon leaves the rebellion and Kintargo in a huff.

It finally went out of business 20 years ago, and Hocum died not long thereafter—the building has remained shut down and something of an eyesore ever since. Rexus can relate the information above if no PC can. In addition, Rexus reveals that once the Fantasmagorium began struggling financially, the Sacred Order of Archivists secretly purchased the building from Hocum to use as its own hidden headquarters. What Rexus doesn’t know is that the order expanded on the basements below, consolidating rooms into large libraries and using stone-shaping magic to expand the lower level into a secret monastery.

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