Arachidonate Related Lipid Mediators by John N. Abelson, Melvin I. Simon, Robert C. Murphy, Frank A.

By John N. Abelson, Melvin I. Simon, Robert C. Murphy, Frank A. Fitzpatrick

This quantity comprises info on arachidonic acid metabolites and platelet activating issue. Assays for the quantitative dimension of prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and platelet-activating issue, together with enzyme immunoassays and mass spectrophotometric innovations, are offered. coaching and research of cytochrome P-450 metabolites of arachidonic acid are mentioned. The isolation, purification, and assay of enzymes very important within the biosynthesis and metabolism of those lipids are integrated

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I ,oo FIG. 4. HCI mass spectrum of (a) MO, Tris-TMS ether, PFB ester derivative of 6-oxoPGF1~; (b) MO, Tris-TMS ether, PFB ester derivative of TxB2. on phenyl boronate minicolumns, 25 immunoaffinity chromatography, 26'27 and tandem mass spectrometry. 2s The excellent resolution that can be obtained with capillary GC has encouraged investigators to develop assays that allow quantification of several mediators in a single chromatography run. 29'3° The method is less sensitive because extensive cleanup of samples cannot be carried out.

Res. Commun. 146, 638 (1987). 34 K. Yamashita, J. H. Capdevila, and I. A. Blair, unpublished observations. 35 B. W. Christman and I. A. Blair, Biomed. Environ. Mass Spectrom. 18, 258 (1989). 36 A. I. Mallet, Biomed. Environ. Mass Spectrom. 16, 207 (1988). /°P B 303I M"PFB ol100 ....... r.. 200 ..... m/z • o / ~o) o >~ -I "~ ....... 400 1325 o 1225 / 0 , ....... =: ........ t ......... 200 300 400 m/z FIG. 5. NCI mass spectra of (a) 14,15-EET PFB ester; (b) H6-14,15-EET PFB ester. This methodology has facilitated a number of studies on the role that lipid mediators play in both normal and pathophysiological processes.

P. 213. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1987. [4] Radioimmunoassay of 11-Dehydrothromboxane B2 B y G I O V A N N I C I A B A T T O N I , PAOLA PATRIGNANI, and CARLO PATRONO Introduction 11-Dehydrothromboxane (TxB2) is a major enzymatic derivative of TxB2 identified in the circulating plasma and/or urine of several animal species, including the rat, rabbit, nonhuman primates, and humans. The rationale for measurement of 11-dehydro-TxB2 as a reflection of changes in TxA2 production in humans, as well as the experimental evidence supporting this contention, are reviewed elsewhere (Patrono et al.

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